Labor Day Shopping


So I’m sure you’ve seen everyone’s post on all the great labor day sales and have been doing a little bit of shopping yourself!  Here are some of my great deals that I scored this past weekend from Jcrew Factory!  Since work is just around the corner, I have to start shopping for “teacher” attire BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute and comfortable at the same time!  To dress up my sweatshirt, I added my Gap polka dot shirt underneath to give it a more “professional” feel and added some heels to these drawstring pants (also from Jcrew Factory).   These pants are so comfortable and the color is just so FUN!  My statement necklace was also purchased from Jcrew Factory and I love to add this to any casual piece too!  Hope everyone had a great and restful Labor Day!!!


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Food Fun!

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I’ve been seeing a lot cookie cutters lately in a variety of shapes and thought it would be fun to test one out!  A lot of my ‘mommy friends’ have been creating cute lunches for their kids so I wanted to see how “easy” it was to make.  I didn’t have plain white bread (which would’ve been cuter) so I used my chia bread from Trader Joes and voila…baby bears with little seeds were formed!!  Hah!  Just like that!

You can use your favorite peanut, almond, or cocoa almond spread and enjoy your little bite sized sandwiches.  YUM!

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I love lace, sequins, and ORGANZA!  The sheer fabric in organza is so delicate and just so pretty!

I saw this Anthropologie lace tee a few months ago and wasn’t willing to pay full price for it so I waited patiently for it to go on sale.  But everything at Anthro goes pretty quickly, so I kept checking their site (daily)…and then FINALLY I saw it marked down to $29.99!!  I clicked so fast and was so excited I almost bought two!!!

I also love my Zara floral printed trousers that I got on sale too!  These trousers will be great for work and won’t look like pajama pants if you pair them with a sweater or structured top and blazer.  I added my usual statement necklace to give my outfit some more sparkle!



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