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Tonight for dessert, I was able to get some freshly picked figs from Jennifer at Aloha Cafe.  This was the first time I’ve ever tried a fig because I didn’t think I would like the mushiness of it- but OMG, I gave it a try and it was super sweet and I loved the texture of the seeds in the middle too!! When I sliced open the figs, it naturally shaped itself to look like a heart and the colors reminded me of an outfit of something very tropical and summery.  I love it when something so natural and organic (such as fruit) inspires you to put together something!!

It led me to pair up my sister’s Topshop leaf shorts ( and my Topshop crop ( together.  I never thought about matching them up since I’ve only seen my sister wear her shorts to work (since they’re a longer length) with a tank and cardigan on top.  I also love this vintage Fendi bucket bag that I also found in my sister’s closet because it’s light and easy to carry in the summer.  I can’t wait to wear this outfit out on the town (since it’s still summer) and snap some shots for you to see!!

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Two is Better Than One


While putting together a photo for Instagram, I started realizing that I just don’t buy one of something…BUT I always buy 2 of the SAME EXACT thing!! Ha!!! Whether it’s a different color, shape, or size- I always buy double!  But first, let me give you the same reasons (that I had to give to Peter) so you’ll agree that buying in two is a good thing too!

When I shop, I know EVERYTHING will go on sale!  Depending on the occasion I’m shopping for (a party, dinner, dancing) and I know I need an outfit because it’s crunch time, then I’ll buy it for full price! EEKS!!  But, if I really don’t need it- I know certain stores will go on sale in a couple of weeks!  And I’m talking about items being markdown and then take an additional 30-40% off kind of sale!  My go-to shops for work are Jcrew and Madewell because not only does everything go on sale within a couple of weeks but I’m a teacher and we get 15% off!!! Even MADEWELL!!! That was new to me!

So I try to buy pieces that I can layer and wear to work and then if I have to go somewhere right after, I can take off a layer and still be ready!  I love buying sweaters or cardigans in multiple colors and prints because those are easy to throw on top of a dress or jeans.  Even my statement pieces that are from Jcrew or Jcrew Factory- I will never EVER pay full price for a statement necklace so I’ll wait until it goes on a double sale since those jewels are pretty pricey!  In Spring, I purchased four to five dresses from Madewell for $30 and it’s their staple dress (I know you’ve seen them) that can be worn multiple times in all seasons (pictures will be coming soon)!  You just have to be patient and online 24/7 to know when their additional sales start…so keep refreshing!!

I also have an obsession with anything that’s lace!! Lace dresses, lace shorts, lace tops, lace bralettes…you name it, and I’ve got it! I’ll be posting and showing you the amazing pieces I have…IN DOUBLES TOO!! So stay tuned…there’s more to come!




When in Rome…


As July is quickly coming to an end, this means school will be in session very soon…NEXT WEEK!!  Being a teacher is great because we’re able to recharge and reenergize over the summer and do as we please- which meant traveling for me!  Last year we were able to take an extravagant honeymoon to Italy for a couple of weeks and I wasn’t able to document our stay in Rome and show you all of our GELATO pictures we were enjoying every single day (sometimes twice or three times a day)!  If you’re ever in Rome, you must try GROM (for gelato) and LADUREE (for sorbets topped with macaroons).  It’s a must!!

We traveled in July and the heat was pretty crazy because of the humidity so it was easier to choose lighter fabrics and hats that would be able to keep me cool!  Of course for accessories, I couldn’t decide which Jcrew statement necklace to bring, so I just had to pack it all!  Next up, will be more photos from our stay at the Coast!






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