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I don’t drink coffee at all.

I love the coffee taste in ice cream or an ice blended drink- but coffee on its own, no thank you!  Then our friends came back from San Francisco over the weekend and couldn’t stop raving about this Mint Mojito Iced Coffee from Philz Coffee.  We were on Santa Monica Blvd the other day trying to beat the heat and realized we were just around the corner from Philz.  I ordered their famous Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and to my surprise, it was very light in flavor!  The mint complimented the coffee and it wasn’t too strong at all!  It was so refreshing that I drove back the next day to get another one!  I wish Philz was closer to DTLA but maybe one will open up soon!

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Keeping Cool

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In this scorching heat, it’s hard to stay cool and less is always better when you’re running errands and hopping in and out of the car!  I just purchased some new Chuck Taylor’s from Nordstrom and love the black and white print!  These are my first pair of high tops and I love them!! I paired it with some light pieces like this Acme tank, cut-off shorts, and rebel pendant.  Even though everyone has these Ray-bans, they’re still my favorite!!

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Dinner Party with Friends


Our friends Susan and Kenlee are the best at hosting dinner parties!!  They have a comfy house that’s dog friendly and big enough to hold a large number of people.  The best part is that Kenlee loves to cook too!! So he woke up at 3:30am and decided to drive down to Newport Beach to wait in line at Dory Fleet Fish Market.  The Spot Prawns are seasonal and that was the big ticket item at 4am!!  On top of that, Kenlee also ordered some fresh Sea Urchin and had fresh uni for everyone!  Lucky that our other friend Jennipher is a chef too, so she whipped up some uni and lemon zest pasta in a couple of minutes!  We are spoiled!!  Take a look at the size of those prawns and check out the fish market in Newport Beach- but you have to go super early before they sell out!!!

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