Stocking Stuffers

Every year, I’m always thinking about what’s the best stocking stuffers to give to my friends.  I like to think that I know them pretty well, so I can hand pick some of their FAVORITE things that they’ll love!  This year, I went to a couple of different places to pick up some goodies.

For my girlfriends who have a sweet tooth, I wanted to try this popular chocolate called Mast Brothers because I’ve seen it almost everywhere on Instagram and on social media.  Not only is the packaging super cute, but the taste was really delicious with only two ingredients:  cane sugar and 72% cacao.   I also love trying out any new chapsticks because I’m always in search for the PERFECT one.  I tried an all “natural lip butter” made by Light of Beauty.  As soon you apply it, you can feel the cooling peppermint tingle and you don’t have to continuously reapply it because it stays on your lips for awhile!  Last but not least, were these cute mini candles for $6 each.  These were the perfect size and the perfect price!  These can be found at Urban Radish a market and eatery right next to the Arts District in LA.



For my girlfriends who love makeup and all the fancy frills, I purchased some of my FAVORITE lines that I know they use and love too!  Stila Eyeliner is the best one out there that doesn’t smear and is easy to apply.  The fun thing are the fall and winter colors that you can choose from.  In the summer, I purchased their neon blue to add a pop of color to my eyes instead of my usual black- and for the winter, I picked up their midnight blue because I was getting bored with the same black liner and wanted a change.  If you sign up for you’ll get weekly emails with deals galore too!  So try and lookout for that and save a few extra dollars.  Another favorite brand is Shu Uemura (which can only be purchased online) and it is my ultimate go-to brand because the lashes are soft, comfortable, and the most natural looking!  The prices are a little high BUT the quality is better and they last longer too- I get at least 20-25 wears out of them!  Because it’s the holidays, if you sign up online they’ll send you free shipping and 25% off coupons for anything on their site.  Go and stock up now!!


This last shot wasn’t a stocking stuffer for my friends, it was a fun set of neon Christmas cards for me.  I couldn’t resist!! And if you’ve ever been to Urbanic Paper Boutique you know exactly what I’m talking about!  They have the cutest cards, wrapping paper, stationary, and just about anything you can think of- so don’t expect to come out empty handed!  If you can’t make it to their boutique, just shop online and click on the link above.


Target Haul

BLACK Friday or it’s more like EVERY Friday- I seem to be driving to Target after work spending hours there walking the aisles  and thinking, “…do I really need MORE paper straws, gift tags, and Oh Joy! products…”  and the answer is always YES!  I think like everyone out there it’s so hard to walk away with only the essentials on your list because if it’s not the $1 bins then it’s another holiday selection that’s waiting for you.

I was at Target by 7am and it was super quiet.  No crowds, no mess, and no lines!  I picked up some wrapping paper that was on sale for $2.50, neon pink gift tags for $3, Oh Joy! plastic cups for $4, holiday marshmallows for .99cents, the cutest Ryan *FLAWLESS* Gosling journal, and Amy Poehler’s book for $19 (which is HILARIOUS).  Oh, I can’t forget to mention my gift tape!  Now, being a washi tape (and any kind of tape) junkie I’ve realized this a while ago- not all tape is good tape!  Some of these cheaper brands don’t even stick well and it’s not worth the $1 when you can get Paperchase gift tape for $3 that’s super good quality (look below).

Stay tuned for my next post that has a couple more things I picked up on Black Friday at Gap, Anthropologie, and Madewell.  Happy Shopping!




Susan’s Birthday Bash!

We were celebrating our dear friend Susan’s birthday on Sunday with a fun day of pampering because she’s one of the hardest working people I know!!  After working 12 days straight, we thought she would enjoy a day of relaxing with a manicure and pedicure from Olive & June, a blow out at The Powder Room, then an intimate dinner with friends at Kinjiro in Little Tokyo.

To surprise Susan and make her feel loved, we ordered her a “party in a box” from Packed Party.  We couldn’t choose which items came in the package but everything was birthday themed from the confetti popper, sprinkles, sparkler, and earbuds.  The sparkler was perfect for our decadent Devil’s Food Cake from Bouchon Bakery with sparkly and edible gold dust.  We went to a brand new restaurant that had amazing raw dishes, homemade tofu, truffle salad, uni pasta, and aged steak.  My photos below speak for itself.  MMMM!!!!

The weekend was perfect celebrating our BAE’s Birthday and I’m so thankful to have such a caring, smart, generous, and hard working BFF like Susan in my life…HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!




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