Target Haul

BLACK Friday or it’s more like EVERY Friday- I seem to be driving to Target after work spending hours there walking the aisles  and thinking, “…do I really need MORE paper straws, gift tags, and Oh Joy! products…”  and the answer is always YES!  I think like everyone out there it’s so hard to walk away with only the essentials on your list because if it’s not the $1 bins then it’s another holiday selection that’s waiting for you.

I was at Target by 7am and it was super quiet.  No crowds, no mess, and no lines!  I picked up some wrapping paper that was on sale for $2.50, neon pink gift tags for $3, Oh Joy! plastic cups for $4, holiday marshmallows for .99cents, the cutest Ryan *FLAWLESS* Gosling journal, and Amy Poehler’s book for $19 (which is HILARIOUS).  Oh, I can’t forget to mention my gift tape!  Now, being a washi tape (and any kind of tape) junkie I’ve realized this a while ago- not all tape is good tape!  Some of these cheaper brands don’t even stick well and it’s not worth the $1 when you can get Paperchase gift tape for $3 that’s super good quality (look below).

Stay tuned for my next post that has a couple more things I picked up on Black Friday at Gap, Anthropologie, and Madewell.  Happy Shopping!




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