Love what you do.
Do what you love.

Isn’t that the BEST saying?!!  This totally describes where I’m at in my life.  I’m born and raised in sunny Los Angeles and I started blogging when my boyfriend finally “put a ring on it!” My Beyonce hand wasn’t shaking anymore and I thought it would be kinda fun to document the wedding planning process and all the fun DIY wedding projects too!  This inspired me to continue blogging about everyday things that sparkle- from ice cream, to fashion, to simple DIY projects.  But in my heart…I’ll forever love weddings!!! Everyday I still refresh Style me Pretty to “ooh and aah” over other people’s big day!!

During the day, I teach little kids how to LOVE school.  I’m their constant cheerleader and coach who’s always on the sidelines motivating them by singing, dancing, and just making school FUN!!! When the bell rings, I’m off spending time with people and documenting the things I love.

I hope my blog inspires you to:

Love what you do.
Do what you love.

Remember to always leave a little sparkle wherever you go…



4 Comments on “About

  1. Melissa just told me about your site. Really love your fashion sense. 🙂 Especially your trinkets. Love everything and anything that sparkles! :)))

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