Portland in LA!

Welcome to LA!  Portland has given us two great things to enjoy: Stumptown Coffee and Salt and Straw.

You’ve heard all about the infamous coffee from Portland and now you see them everywhere in LA.  We’re lucky to live super close to Stumptown Coffee so we can get a cup or two anytime!  Then over on Larchmont Blvd they opened another famous ice cream shop called Salt and Straw.  We tried the ice cream flight so we could get a sample of four flavors for only $10- and I found the ultimate winner!!  If you’re in the area, you will LOVE the Almond Brittle w/Salted Ganache and the Stumptown Coffee w/love nuts.  The flavors in both of those are ridiculously fresh and creamy!!  I loved the Stumptown Coffee flavor so much that I needed to buy the pint for home.  Be sure to get there early, because the lines are no joke!











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