This weekend we decided to explore Pasadena and check out a couple of places on my to do list!  First stop was Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre.  You know how much I LOVE ice cream, and some of my friends have compared this creamery to Carmela’s- so we decided to give it a try and see for ourselves.  Like all the other ice cream shops that I love, Mother Moo’s also uses organic products, fresh ingredients, and everything is made in house.  I tasted 3 flavors:  Organic Strawberry, Vanilla Cocoa Nib, and Organic Cornflakes.  Out of the three, the strawberry and vanilla cocoa nib were to die for!!  It seriously was super creamy and uh-amazing!!!  I’ll definitely come back soon to try the floats and ice cream sandwiches!

Another place I wanted to check out was this cute gift shop on Lake called Tiny Universe.  I couldn’t stay long so my eyes went straight to the jewelry section…and OMG, I wanted to buy everything!!  Their pieces were so delicate, unique and very reasonable!  I scored this rose gold plated ring for $45 and can’t wait to come back for their bracelets and necklaces too!











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