Tar and Roses

Who knew Tar and Roses had been around since 2012!! I’ve been missing out on some uh-amazing food for two years now.  Reservations are still super hard to come by so call ahead of time unless you want to eat at 5 or 10pm?!  Here are some of the dishes we ordered, plus a couple of more that didn’t even make the cut because we ate it so fast!  I’m planning to go back next month to order my favorite dish of the night- the whole fried snapper with soba noodles! It was crazy good!!!!

photo 4

photo 2_2

photo 5

Yellowtail Crudo & Oxtail Dumpling

photo 2_5

Braised Lamb Belly & Bone Marrow

photo 1

Balsamic Glazed Ribs with fried Basil

photo 3_3

Indian Eggplant Burrata

photo 1_2

Cauliflower w/anchovy pesto

photo 5

Shellfish Pot


photo 4

Whole Fried Snapper w/cold Soba Noodles

photo 4_2

Strawberry Ricotta Crostata w/Honey Comb ice cream

photo 5_2

Chocolate “Tar” Bar with Salted Caramel ice cream and hazelnuts


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