Come Fly With Me…

Everyone who knows me, knows that I buy anything in 2x’s, 3x’s, and sometimes just in bulk…and last year I bought a ‘bulk’ of heart shaped balloons for our engagement session from Amazon!  OF course, we only ended up using like ten because we were blowing them ourselves and it got too crazy to blow and tie anymore!  So thinking about today, I felt inspired to blow some more up (thank goodness for Balloon Time) and incorporate them into my outfit of the day!

I’d been eyeing this super cute and light tunic dress from Madewell all summer…and it FINALLY went on sale!! And not just any sale, you know me…it went from reduced, then 40% off of the sale price, THEN an additional discount thanks to being a teacher!!  The grand price was…$42!!! WOO HOO!!! Okay, now the best part was the gladiator sandals.  I wasn’t going to buy them BUT once again, it went on sale, reduced to 40%, then the teacher code…$14!!! I had to get them! I just checked their site and the super sale isn’t happening yet- but you know Madewell and Jcrew…there’s a sale everyday!!! Be patient and keep checking daily!










6 Comments on “Come Fly With Me…

  1. Thanks for the shout out! We’re flattered. What a great outfit; we love how you were able to incorporate some balloons into your look.

    Do you mind if we share an image (attributed to you, of course) with some of our fans on social media? We love sharing how people are using our helium tanks.

    – Melissa, on behalf of Balloon Time Helium Tanks

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