When in Rome…

As July is quickly coming to an end, this means school will be in session very soon…NEXT WEEK!!  Being a teacher is great because we’re able to recharge and reenergize over the summer and do as we please- which meant traveling for me!  Last year we were able to take an extravagant honeymoon to Italy for a couple of weeks and I wasn’t able to document our stay in Rome and show you all of our GELATO pictures we were enjoying every single day (sometimes twice or three times a day)!  If you’re ever in Rome, you must try GROM (for gelato) and LADUREE (for sorbets topped with macaroons).  It’s a must!!

We traveled in July and the heat was pretty crazy because of the humidity so it was easier to choose lighter fabrics and hats that would be able to keep me cool!  Of course for accessories, I couldn’t decide which Jcrew statement necklace to bring, so I just had to pack it all!  Next up, will be more photos from our stay at the Coast!










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