Jcrew Day

I love Jcrew!!! One, their jewels are always so sparkly! Two, their clothes go on sale within 2 weeks! And three, teachers get an extra 15% off of anything and everything!!! WOO HOO!!! I was eying this jeweled collared shirt for awhile- then it went on sale…then it went on an additional 40% on top of it’s sale price… and then 15% off of that= $$30!!! What a steal right?! Love it!  Well, this time I decided to pair it with an oldie but goodie necklace from last year.  I really love the vibrant red flowers (from Jcrew) and pair it with just about everything I could think of and didn’t think it would match well with this shirt because of the jewels on the collar already, but hey, why not try it out right! There’s no rules in fashion anymore so you can mix and match just about anything and it’ll look cute! Since it’s summer, it’s pretty warm still at night so instead of jeans I wore my favorite silk shorts by Marc Jacobs with little flower buds all over.   They’re from last season, but they go great with anything!  I also did a red lip to go with my pop of color around my neck!  Happy Summer!!!




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