Cupcakes for All!!!

Happy Sunday!  So everyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE cupcakes!! It’s easier for me to bring cupcakes to a party rather than bake them- so I remember reading a post from my favorite blogger Oh Joy! and she was showing us how to “dress up” store bought cupcakes.  Although I didn’t fancy them up too much with edible flowers or candies, I just used the flavor of the cupcake (pink lemonade) to help me think of different ways I can pretty them up for today!

Luckily, I always have sprinkles, my Oh Joy! cups from Target, cute straws, and lemons lying around so it gave me an idea!  This literally took me 10 minutes to cut the straws in thirds, cut the lemons (if you have lemon candy that could work too), add the sprinkles, and VOILA…my cupcakes are done!!  Try it and let me know how yours came out!!


Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

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