Glitter Guide

About a week ago, I was inspired one morning while reading Glitter Guide to create a fresh watermelon drink and use my fun Martha Stewart cookie cutters to spell some words!  I love reusing my mason jars from my wedding to either create fun DIY projects or just use them as cups for a cool drink!  I’m also a huge straw collector (chevron, polka dots, hearts, stripes) you name it, I have it all!  So I love using them whenever I’m creating a fun drink or just going up to the pool.

After juicing my watermelon, I just took my cookie cutter and spelled “YUM” and submitted my picture on Glitter Guide’s instagram contest and WON!  It had a little over 3K likes and this inspired me to keep creating more fun pictures using whatever I have at home!  Thanks Glitter Guide for motivating me to keep on going…

photo 2-2

Martha Stewart Cutters


Glitter Guide WINNER!!





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