Aloha Cafe

Aloha Cafe now serves a delicious and healthy Acai Bowl with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and homemade granola called… ALOHA MIX!  The fruits are topped with shredded coconuts and a drizzle of honey!  This makes for a great snack or even a meal!  The Aloha Mix will be available soon and will come in a variety of flavors!!  Aloha Cafe also serves Ube pancakes!  What’s Ube, you ask?? Ube is a purple yam that grows above the ground and is high in potassium, plus B6, vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants!! It comes sprinkled with powdered sugar and some syrup on the side and literally melts in your mouth!! The edges have the perfect crisp to them and the middle is warm and fluffy!  Come in and try some UBE and tell us what you think!! Stay tuned for our Aloha Mix coming to Aloha Cafe soon, too!!  Mahalo!

photo 2-1

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