Say Cheese…CLICK!!

When it comes to preparing for your wedding photo booth, I was constantly viewing Pinterest to see what DIY props can be used to customize your pictures.  I wanted to keep the props simple and fun but yet, customize it with objects that represent us- with no oversized sunglasses, fur, hats, etc. so instead I purchased sparkly crowns from Target for cheap, sprayed an old Michaels picture frame metallic gold, and printed pictures of my BFF’s dogs for fun (since they’re #dogmaniacs) and couldn’t forget Cornelius the cat, of course!  The most expensive prop would probably be the LOVE letters purchased at Paper Source for $3.75 each- but I was able to recycle the red glitter and spray paint from Christmas time to add some sparkly fun!  The last idea I had was using my gold chevron runner as a backdrop so the colors would match the wedding theme.  So if you have craft paper or wrapping paper at home that you love…why not use it as a backdrop! Just an idea!!

Take a look at the props in action!!!

C & P Individual  82


C & P Individual  515

Glasses and letters

C & P Individual  3

Cornelius the Cat

C & P Individual  164

Dog and crown

C & P Individual  219

I love you

C & P Individual  32

Gold Frame

C & P Individual  416


C & P Individual  173

I  Love you

C & P Individual  200

Cornelius the Cat

C & P Individual  16

Paper flower

C & P Individual  62

Cornelius the Cat

C & P Individual  130

Heart Pillow

C & P Individual  153

#Beaglecentral #Beaglesarethebest

C & P Individual  107

Cornelius the Cat

Courtney & Peter 98

MR and MRS

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