Lovely Lace

Okay, so ladies…picture this. You walk into the bridal store and the very excited sales person greets you and your mother and offers you champagne to knock the edge off and make you feel relaxed. True? So we start describing what we’re looking for and begin browsing the different designers and racks. Now, you know how every single bride always says, “Oh, I knew that was the dress as soon as I tried it on!” I never believed anyone when they told me that because “how do you really know?!” Then all of sudden I saw the dress. It was staring straight at me. I almost think there was a beam of light shining directly on it. Lazaro. Lace, organza, lace, and more organza! I knew. This was the one. I guess brides have been right all along and I, like so many just said, “YES TO THE DRESS!!” Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come in 20 more days!!!!! I couldn’t help but snap some photos of different types of lace and sparkles that surrounded me!!!







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